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Slathaai of House Mora

Slathaai are a race of tentacled amphibious creatures, capable of using telepathy and extremely versed in the Arcane arts.

As is well known, the Slathaai were created in the Second Age by the avatar of Holmuran, who was corrupted by Demon Lord Draiken Zestirot. Loyal to the demonic cause, namely the conquest of Mundus to extract energy from its core, House Mora is the Slathaai lineage that contributed to the liberation of Tyrant-God Tialevor and the conquest of the lands of the Immortals. After the defeat of Ghaomir and the founding on his ashes of Nikeza, the Slathaai of House Mora were entrusted with the management of one of the city’s districts, called the Bell District, in memory of the sound heard when the House Mora Slathaai go slave hunting.

The House Mora Slathaai hunt victims all over Mundus to catch slaves and graft them with their parasite, passing through the intricate network of underwater tunnels that connect all the lands, unreachable by non-amphibious races.

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