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The Daemon King’s Spawn

After being defeated by the god of the mountain Uma, the self-proclaimed Demon King Baalzrodan could not recall his armies from his Planar Domain because of the barrier created around Mundus in order to prevent further demonic invasions. Hiding in the Gorge of the abyss, Baalzrodan decided to increase his ranks by crossing his demons with the mortals of Mundus.
It was at that moment that Lilith, second daughter of Baalzrodan, bewitched the most powerful heroes among the mortals and gave birth to the first half-demons.
The Mezzalfiends, who were the result of this crossbreeding, inherited the best traits of mortals and demons, athletic and robust physique, high resistance to flames, tails and horns of which they are very proud.
These half-demons become the favourite Demon King’s shock troops after Mephisto, the Daemon Smith, invented the Planar Armors and weapons, forged by invoking lesser demons from outside planes directly into the black metal of the Gorge, bringing life to a living armor that enhances the Abilities of the wearer, at the price of burning its soul if not perfectly compatible.
Covered in the powerful Planar Armors black as the night and wearing terrifying hammers, swords, and spears, the Mezzalfiends of the Gorge strike terror into the heart of their enemies, brutally fighting and killing anyone who stands in the way of Baalzrodan plans to conquer Mundus.

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