Custom 3d Print/Design Enquiry

Use the form below to enquire about any custom work you require. At Monstrous Makings we can print in either UV cured Resin on LCD machines for high detail models, or in PLA plastic on our FDM machines for a more cost effective printing solution.

We can either print an existing 3d model you may have or we can work with you to create something new. Every project is unique and therefore we can’t give any estimates on costings until we know what is required. A full cost breakdown will be supplied before any work is agreed and a deposit will be required before work will commence.

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    Examples of our work

    Golf Ball Lifters for Hawkstone Park

    PLA printed Golf Ball lifters for a local golf course to allow their patrons to collect their balls without touching the flag or cup. For this project we were provided the STL file but were ask to make minor alterations to it for the finished product.

    Miniature Wargaming accessories

    These are examples of file we created for our Patreon project being put to use by patrons. The Sub Machine Gun and the ‘Spitfire’ Assault Rifle were created from scratch using 2d line images The prints were done by the customer.

    We were asked to create a set of custom arms and weapons for a conversion project and were provided 2d line art images from which to work.

    Hero Forge Custom Figures

    Here are a number of Hero Forge figures we have printed for a variety of clients.

    Dungeons and Dragons Accessories

    A set accessories for local DnD players. These were printed from files provided by the client.

    We were commissioned to print this set of Initiative markers for a local DnD Dungeon Master. As part of the request we were asked to change the size of the slot to fit a custom sized DM Screen.