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Rakshakin Headhunters and Pricing Update

Getting back ontop of the new releases from Artisan Guild and we’ve got a brilliant one today. The Rakshakin Headhunter and Djinn. Also the start of the new modular Cavalry options that Artsian Guild are starting to release.

With the inclusion of the Elegoo Saturn into my workflow I have been able to re-structure my pricing system which has resulted in lower prices across the board for this release compared to other releases.

I will be running all the previous resin releases through the new formula but this will take time. So for now I am going to leave the 20% off voucher active for all resin products that have not been re-priced and I will work through re-pricing the back catalogue as fast as I can.

This company is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Artisan Guild models, obtained through the Artisan Guild Patreon, Shop or ?AMAZONS!? Kickstarter. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at: ), or at MyMiniFactory (at: