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The Sunken Kingdoms

The Tritons are the proud folk of the seas, which ancestors are common to those of the Alfar. Being one of the people elected by Holmuran, God of Water, their role is to protect one of the legendries Scale of Holmuran in the Sunken Kingdom, in the center of the Tridlian Sea.
This artifact gives them the power to control the Tides in their region.

Divided into houses, they are led by the Council of the First, composed of the most ancients Tritons. They are formidable adversaries both underwater and on land, thanks to their innate dexterity and their mastery in the use of the mysterious tridents and blades built in Aquitrium alloy.

Seeing the corruption that spreads in every living thing, the Tritons isolated themselves from the rest of the world, unconditionally attacking anyone who dared to enter their territory and vowing to rid the sea of Holmuran’s enemies. Their sworn enemies are the Jurakin, who had been corrupted and deceived by one of the fearsome Tide Tyrants who follow the schemes of the Tyrant God Tialevor himself.

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