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Arcane Minis – Skies of Sordane Update

As part of the re-pricing that is going on over the whole website I also took the chance to update the catalogue with a bunch of releases I had missed out on getting listed when they originally came out.

New releases included the Monstrous Roc, the Arrodan Syndicate Core Crew and the wonderful Mechanimals.

The whole of the rest of the Skies of Sordane range has been re-priced and some of the reductions were up to 60% cheaper than their original prices.

New Releases

Price Reductions

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Merchant Guilds – Skies of Sordane

The Skies of Sordane Kickstarter has delivered another excellent crew bundle. This time the Merchant Guilds. These stunning models would fit a variety of characters and classes in popular role-playing settings and the extra additions of the Owl familiar and Spirtual Weapon models really give this set flavour.

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Carren Pirates – Painted

Although I printed them 3 or 4 weeks ago I’ve been procrastinating about painting these chaps (and chapess) but I finally got them finished last night. A quick dullcoat today and some decent photos in my new lightbox and I’m proud to present my take on the Carren Raiders from the Skies of Sordane Kickstarter.

Painted using what is fast becoming my normal ‘Washes and Inks’ style of painting the detail of the sculpts really shines through.

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Skies of Sordane – Carren Pirates

The Arcane Minis Skies of Sordane Kickstarter has delivered it’s first figure bundle and they are gorgeous.

The Carren Raiders are the Core Crew bundle for the Carren Pirates Faction. We have a crew bundle and individual modular crew options as well.

Also now available are a range of bases for the Arcane Minis figures from Cast’n’Play. These bases are only available with the purchase of an Arcane Minis figure.

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Arcane Dragon – Skies of Sordane

I couldn’t resist printing myself an Arcane Dragon from the Skies of Sordane range. Mainly to see just how big he is, and he didn’t disappoint. Shown here with the sample Cin’dar Navy Forged Warrior Artificer on 25mm base, also from Skies of Sordane.

All printed on the Phrozen Sonic Mini printer. Total print time of 28hrs.

Standing an impressive 370mm high he is sure to impart dread on all those who encounter him. It’s a fantastic first offering from Arcane Minis from their SKies of Sordane Kickstarter and I can’t wait for the rest.

and a rear shot of the magnificent beast.

This kit is not for the beginner though, there is some sanding to do get get all the parts to fit perfectly together and there will be a degree of filling involved but that is the same with any large resin kit, whether cast or 3d printed.

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Monstrous Makings in May

Arcane Minis – Skies of Sordane

The Skies of Sordane Kickstarter has started to deliver some files. We kick off with the Beautiful Arcane Dragon and the Forged Warrior Artificer. More files will be delivered over the next month including the Carren Pirates core bundle so keep your eyes peeled for more releases from this wonderful fantasy realm.

Artisan Guild

We’ve also seen a number of past Artisan Guild release make it onto the webstore along with the stunning Oni Clan from the May release. Only a few epic bosses and Amazons release left to go before we are all caught up.

Oni Clan


Fighters Guild

Soulless Vampires