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Bases, Bases and more Bases

Today sees the release of a couple of different products for basing your wargaming figures.

Firstly we have the Clear Acrylic bases I have been showing off on my Star Wars Legion figures lately. Currently they are available in Star Wars Legion sizes only but we will be looking to expand the range into other systems sizes if there is interest.

Secondly we have the physical print release of the Space Ship base toppers we recently released on Patreon. We are very excited to be releasing base of our own and hope these topper will go some way to helping those who are unable to get matching bases for their armies due to the untimely collapse of another great Wargaming company in 2022.

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Dungeons and Dragons Condition Tokens

We absolutely love these new condition tokens made from the artwork we commissioned the other week. We canvassed the community and did our best to group tokens into the suggested colours and set sizes. We hope you enjoy using these as much as we enjoyed making them.

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Welsh Masters Inspiration – Round 1

Fresh off my trip to the Welsh Masters tournament at Firestorm Games I was prompted to finally get some of my product released that has languished for too long in my WIP folders. I was also inspired by some of the other widget my opponents were using to come up with some new stuff too. So here is the first batch of stuff that is a direct result of last weekend.

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Acrylic Widget Trays

After the sucess of the Warmachine widget tray at my local club at the end of last year I have begun to branch out into other systems so see what I can do to supplement them with widgets.

Today is the release of the initial offering of Dungeons and Dragons Widget trays. Having used the prototypes now for a week or so they have proved very useful in speeding up combat around the table. Even when using a grid and having the ability to count squares the 30ft ruler was so easy to use to see how far my players could move each round.

I’ve also re-arranged the products to make it easier to see what is what. So now the various lid options are separated out.

I have a few more systems in the works for widget trays so keep your eyes peeled for what is coming next.

Kill Team - Warhammer 40,000

If you have a game in need of widgets then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see if we can make something that works for you.