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Iron Kingdoms Cosplay Part 3: Gun Mage & Mechanik

I debuted the Gun Mage costume a month ago at the first Saturday night D&D session at the fantastic Nerdy Coffee Co. but it has taken me this long to sit down and write it all up. The team at Darkblade LARP did a fantastic job on the leatherwork and after some back and forth the parts all fit perfectly.

First up we have the Gun Mage costume:

And then the full Mechanik costume:

And just because 2 costumes wasn’t enough variety I’ve started working on some more parts. I’m currently playing a Rhulic Dwarf Mechanik with a Repeating Pistol and a Mechanikal Arm in a campaign so I figured I’d start there. Whilst looking around for Mechanikal Arm inspiration I found the picture of the Khador Mechaniks Chief from the Warmachine game and noticed the head on his ‘Jack Wrench looks like a ratcheting socket set, so I started to build a new head for my wrench too. The socket heads are going to be magnetized so they will be interchangeable and they will also fit into the Slug ammo loops for ease of carrying.

Next up was the repeating pistol and for that I went to thingiverse to try and find a revolver to suit. I ended up with a Destiny gun that kinda looked the part but didn’t have a functional interior, so I downloaded the files and got to work of making it all work. The first prototype is done and the hammer and trigger mechanism works, I just need to get a few more parts printed to test the cylinder advancement system. I’m also working on adding runes instead of the detailing on the original files. It’s also scaled to fit in the Magelock holster and to use the same bullets for maximum cross purpose.

Now to look into working on the Mechanikal Prosthetic Arm, that’s gonna be a fun one.

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Iron Kingdoms Cosplay Project: Part 2

I’ve been meaning to write an update to this for a while but everytime I’d got the images edited I had done more on the weapons so it didn’t feel worth posting old news.

I have now finished the 4 weapons that I had planned for the 2 different characters and work has begun on the soft elements of the costume.

I have ordered a few of the stock items like boots and shirt and am waiting for them to arrive and I have been in contact with the team at Darkblade LARP to help me make the custom leather workfor holding all of my gear. I shall be sending them one of each of a Slug and a Bullet so they can contruct an ammo belt to fit them along with a custom holster and scabbard. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

I’ve also started on the armoured shoulder pads for the greatcoat and have printed one out so far but I want to make sure they fit on the coat properly before going too far, but as I am yet to order that there will be a bit of a wait there.

Finally some very (un)flattering shots of me modelling the weapons as well as one of the sword with the LEDs on before painting.

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Iron Kingdoms Cosplay Project

With the release of the Iron Kingdoms Requiem Kickstarter I was suddenly re-invigorated for the Iron Kingdoms. So much so that I have decided to create a costume for cosplay events at my local FLGS, Nerdy Coffee Co., and possibly further afield.

I have always loved the Iron Kingdoms and creating a costume to fully imerse myself in it (and possibly DM some Requiem games at the shop) seemed like the next logical step for me. I am hoping to work with a local seamstress for the soft elements of the costume but I have already started on the harder elements, guns, swords/wrenches, and armour panels. I just couldn’t resist. Also I’ve decided to over engineer everything, as I am apparently want to do with lots of my projects.

So I have a look through the Iron Kingdoms artwork for some inspiration and I’ve always loved the way Black River Irregulars Captain Colby Sterling looks but as a 6ft 3in man with a full beard, pulling off that look would be quite difficult, so I’m going to blend her and Rutger Shaw together to create something a bit unique. I also figured I could probably create 2 characters out of one costume with a few variations in equipment etc so I have some variety.

For the 2 different characters I have decided to work of a Gun Mage and a Mechanik (which with minor alterations could also be an Arcane Mechanik) so the first thing I did was plan out the weapons. Slug Gun and ‘Jack Wrench for the Mechanik and Magelock and Sword for the Gun Mage (and just because I can I’ll be making this one Mechanikal with glowing LEDs etc)

I decided early on that both the guns would have working trigger and hammer mechanisms along with a break open design and removable bullet/slug too. I know that’s one way to bite off more than I can chew. I scoured thingiverse for a working system that I could rig into my designs and got to work. The Slug Gun was created from scratch around the mechanism but the Magelock was adapted from an existing design. After a solid day and a half’s work I have the stl’s mostly where I wanted them to be and I had started printing parts to test the mechanics.

With the tests a success I forged on printing parts and as of this morning they are mostly finished printing, just the stock on the Slug Gun to go which still has about 24hrs left on the print. I’ll grab another pic of that once it’s done. I printed most of the parts at 0.12mm layers heights, not caring about the print times as much as saving myself as much cleanup as possible. And this is where I’m up to, the easy bit is done, now comes the hard part of sanding and smoothing all the parts.

Slug Gun firing
Magelock Firing