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It’s Jump Time! – Wave One Drop

Which will you build first? The heroic M.U.S. Ranger with their detachable tail-taser? Or perhaps the dastardly W.A.S.P. Drone, a flying menace with fully loaded stingers? Maybe you want to see what happens when you combine both sets of components to create some kind of monstrosity?

Whatever you decide and however you want to play, Rift Rodents are an exciting collaboration between Monstrous Makings and TIPPOM toys that brings you classic action figure vibes mixed with a slick new retro themed brand.

The future is bright for the Rift Rodents, with a huge range of characters currently in development. Not only this, but TIPPOM are working with other great designers to further the brand through music, comic books and animation!

Get ready Rift jumpers, we are about to drop the first ever wave of Rift Rodents action figures. Shipped in a labelled bag ready for construction, you will receive detailed 3D printed components with cast polyurethane pegs to connect everything together. These two extremely limited characters are available to buy as a bundle from 21:00 GMT tonight, exclusively on the Monstrous Makings store.

Flying W.A.S.P Drone art by @tedhjones on Instagram