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Iron Kingdoms Cosplay Part 3: Gun Mage & Mechanik

I debuted the Gun Mage costume a month ago at the first Saturday night D&D session at the fantastic Nerdy Coffee Co. but it has taken me this long to sit down and write it all up. The team at Darkblade LARP did a fantastic job on the leatherwork and after some back and forth the parts all fit perfectly.

First up we have the Gun Mage costume:

And then the full Mechanik costume:

And just because 2 costumes wasn’t enough variety I’ve started working on some more parts. I’m currently playing a Rhulic Dwarf Mechanik with a Repeating Pistol and a Mechanikal Arm in a campaign so I figured I’d start there. Whilst looking around for Mechanikal Arm inspiration I found the picture of the Khador Mechaniks Chief from the Warmachine game and noticed the head on his ‘Jack Wrench looks like a ratcheting socket set, so I started to build a new head for my wrench too. The socket heads are going to be magnetized so they will be interchangeable and they will also fit into the Slug ammo loops for ease of carrying.

Next up was the repeating pistol and for that I went to thingiverse to try and find a revolver to suit. I ended up with a Destiny gun that kinda looked the part but didn’t have a functional interior, so I downloaded the files and got to work of making it all work. The first prototype is done and the hammer and trigger mechanism works, I just need to get a few more parts printed to test the cylinder advancement system. I’m also working on adding runes instead of the detailing on the original files. It’s also scaled to fit in the Magelock holster and to use the same bullets for maximum cross purpose.

Now to look into working on the Mechanikal Prosthetic Arm, that’s gonna be a fun one.

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Cosplay Nomad Pistol Part 1: Scaling and Printing

A month or 2 ago one of the Infinity: The Game community contacted me say he was planning on using my 28mm scale weapon files that I make for tabletop conversions to make him self a Cosplay variant of the weapon and I was intrigued.

I decided to give it a try myself and picked the recently released Nomad Pistol to try, it’s my favourite pistol so far and I wanted to start small.

I took some measurements from the file and my hand and initially settled on scaling the file to 50x the 28mm file. To test the size I cut the file in half and printed a few layers from the middle of it.

This turned out to be huge and needed shrinking again. 75% of the first print (so 3750% for the original file), printed another 2 layer slice and this was a much better size. Also fit on the build plate in one piece.

After settling on the size I took the file into Microsoft 3d builder to slice it in half and add holes for pieces of filament to align the halves afterwards. I then used Cura to slice the files ready to print. Using the Adaptive Layers feature in Cura I ended up with a layer height between 0.12mm and 0.28mm depending on the angle of the part.

Printed in 3dPrintz Blue Grey PLA on my Ender 5 Plus.

And then assembled using 20mm pieces of filament as pins and clamped until set.

And here it is ready for sanding.

Part 2: Sanding and Prepping for paint coming soon.

For access to all the 3d files I make for Infinity: The Game follow me on Patreon (