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Patreon: A little NA2 addition and voting for the next set.

A little bonus this week to keep me on track, I did the NA2 batch that came second in the last poll. ADHL, Anaconda Spitfire and Operator Spitfire.

So time to vote for the next set to be done. I’m still figuring out the best way to display the files for the posts so if anyone has any tips or likes/doesn’t like a particular way I’ve tried then please let me know.

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The start of my Patreon journey

Just before the weekend I started up a Patreon for working on 3d STL files for weapons and equipment from Infinity: The Game, a project I started a while ago but which lacked direction. Hopefully Patreon will help me to keep on track and get some community feedback into what it desired next.

The first batch of weapons was voted for over the weekend and after a flase start this morning I managed to get them done this afternoon. So without further ado I present the Pan-O MULTI Rifle, Pistol and Combi Rifle variants.

To grab the files head over to my Patreon, all of the files are provided free to the community to use and are licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives license.