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Sylvan Knights and Greatbear Goblins

December brings us the lovely Sylvan Knights as the main release but also the equally fantastic Greatbear Goblins that I have been personally voting for for a while now.

An ancient and noble order of High Alfar which embodies the spirit of chivalry and coexistence with nature. To achieve the title of Sylvan Knight and earn the precious Sylverite armor and weapons, an Alfar battle-bard must perform great deeds that deserve to be sung in epic ballads.
The Sylvan knights are ferocious protectors of nature and sworn enemies of the Tyrant-God, who never lose their grace and finesse even in the most desperate battles. Feralia the Stag, paragon of light and heroine of her people, lost her limbs fighting with the Ashen Ones ages ago. Through druidical magic and master craftsmanship, Kivael the enchanter and the greatest Alfar smiths managed to regenerate her limbs in renforced Sylvanbark, letting her to lead her people once again to protect the forest, with even more vigor and strenght. Taming the royal Stags of the enchanted woods and with the aid of the Forest Primordial, the Sylvan Knights are among the most dangerous enemies of the Forces of Resistance.
Our 3d printable figures come with ball-jointed wrists and various weapon options and hands for infinite customization.

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