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Spotlight Redux: Digital Taxidermy – Spool Tower

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Digital Taxidermy – Spool Tower Kickstarter sample files and how great they were for using up the empty spools from FDM printing. I got in touch with Digital Taxidermy and asked if they had any Sci-Fi files I could test as my main scenery focus is Infinity: The Game and they sent me some great files to test.

I got sent the Power Generator, Radar Dice tower and Ramps & Bridges, and here they are all printed and put together. I regret I haven’t had a chance to get any paint on them yet but I wanted to get this post out before the Kickstarter closes.

The files looked a lot more complex than the sample one I showed before but once I dug in they are actually very good. I was dubious about how the centre of the Power Generator would print without the support so I added one of my own.

I should have trusted the Digital Taxidermy though as my support fell over just as it was about to be ‘needed’ and the model printed just fine. The underside does look a bit messy but the outside is perfect and as you wont see inside once it’s assembled it doesn’t matter.

The Power Generator weighed in at 192g which for effectively 3 levels is well under the target of 100g per level that Digital Taxidermy set themselves.

Next on the printer was the bridge and the ramp which max out at 33g a pice making for a very material efficient and actually very strong construction. Good use of bridging and alternate direction layers produces a strong lightweight construction.

And finally the Rader Station Dice tower. This one is a bit heavier than the rest but the result is massive and well worth the extra filament as a centre piece. I didn’t have the files for the spool in the middle but the top and bottom come in at 320g and print supportless like the rest of the files. The result being a stylish and functional dice roller. The only change I might suggest is some sort of barrier (maybe removeble) to stop the dice from rolling too far accross the table.

For anyone interested in backing there is still time and more stretch goals are being unlocked everyday.

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