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Spotlight: Digital Taxidermy – Spool Tower

I wanted to highlight a Kickstarter I came across the other day. Spool Tower by Digital Taxidermy is fantastic way to re-use old fialment spools and turn them into something useful.

I dowloaded the sample files and after following the simple instructions tweaked the files to fit my empty spools. A bit of cheap eBay ‘Wood’ fialment (I’m not sure there’s any actual wood in there but it’s the right colour) and a few ink washes and some stipling and we get this.

Whilst still clearly a filament spool the result is brilliant. With a few more greebles and maybe a stone texture (paint or print) on the grey section you’d be hard pushed to find fault. Each printed layer (in this sample file) took only 68g of filament making it super cheap too.

The kickstarter has options for roof pieces to cover the top of the spool but they aren’t available in the sample files, however with the surround pieces in place a second spool fits nicely ontop for the addtional layers to be added.

I would strongly suggest you take a look if you have need for cheap terrain and have a abundance of spools. I will be printing up a bunch of different ones for the tables at my FLGS – Nerdy Coffee Co.

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