Rift Rodents

Wave 1 drop in


Welcome to the action packed universe of the Rift Rodents! An exciting new toy line from TIPPOM and Monstrous Makings bringing classic sci-fi anthropomorphic action figures back to the world! 

As the universe expands, expect to meet incredible new heroes and devastatingly evil foes – all employing the Glyos peg system allowing you to build new creations in whatever way you can imagine! 

Our extremely limited first wave combines vividly coloured, highly detailed 3D printed components and cast flexible polyurethane resin pegs for easy building. 

Each figure is shipped unassembled in a carded baggie. 

The M.U.S. Ranger. 

A heroic footsoldier of the Rift Rodents Universe, the M.U.S. Ranger is an elite marksman, fighter and all around good guy.  

A proud member of the Mouse Unification Service – a military organisation responsible to maintaining the alliance of mouse-inhabited planets. 


Standard issue Pulse Pistol with detachable tail-taser. 

Energy Pack

The W.A.S.P. Drone

Not much is known about the W.A.S.P. forces at this time – but we can confirm that they are relentless and dangerous fighters. Don’t be fooled by their heavily armoured bodies which give them a lumbering appearance – their inbuilt DropWing System allows them to make huge leaps across any battlefield and even hold them in a deadly near silent hover above their foes. 

The Drones are known for swarming in large numbers and are formidable in melee range. 


Heavy Stingers

DropWing System 

Rift Rodents Wave 1 Drop