Wood ‘n’ Wrought Enchanted Book Cover


Standard Size Enchanted Book cover

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Standard Size Enchanted Book cover, FDM printed in a single colour similar to that of the render.

Covers also come with the inner spine and pages components required to make the book along with magnets for the closure mechanism.

Enchanted books are printed to order and can take a considerable amount of time to print, especially if we have other orders to fulfil. Please expact up to a week before we can dispatch your book. If you require it sooner than that please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

Design and print colours are listed below.

Gears of Time – Bronze

Classicly Bound – Brown

The Lily Pond – Brown

Stone of the Past – Grey

Planetary Compass – Blue/Grey

Wood ‘n’ Wrought – Brown


STL files provided and licensed by XyKit.com, Jason Wade.

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