Willow Thornfoot


One 3d printed Willow Thornfoot model from the Artisan Guild Collection.

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One 3d printed Willow Thornfoot model from the Artisan Guild Collection. Printed at their native scale of 32mm on a 25mm base

“The best battle is the one that is never fought. If my scouting skills can help my people hide in times of peril, then my duty is fulfilled.” – Willow Thornfoot 

Willow Thornfoot, the agile Lurikeen ranger, thrives in the shadowy underbrush of Deeproot.

Skilled in the art of stealth and archery, she protects the borders of her hidden homeland from those who dare to trespass.

Her arrows are as sharp as her senses, and her path is guided by the whispering winds of Yaldain. Willow is a fierce protector, revered for her bravery and her bond with the creatures of the forest.

3d printed in a blend of resins to produce the best detail but also offer shock resistance.

Models are printed at a 50 micron layer height for a high detail to cost ratio.

This company is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Artisan Guild models, obtained through the Artisan Guild Patreon, Shop or ?AMAZONS!? Kickstarter. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at: https://www.patreon.com/ArtisanGuild ), or at MyMiniFactory (at: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/Artisan_Guild)

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