Widget, Template and Measuring Stick Trays


Acrylic Widget trays for Warmachine and Hordes

Earn up to 18 Gremlins.


Acrylic Laser-Cut Widget trays for Warmachine and Hordes. Choose your tray options from the drop down menus.

All trays come with a black acrylic lower sheet that the coloured frame is affixed to along with 8 corner magnets to allow you to stack your trays with each other for ease of storage and transportation.

Available trays are:

Spray and Blast – Featuring 6,8 & 10 Inch Spray Template, 1x 5″, 3x 4″ & 3x 3″ AOE Rings with deviation marking. Sml, Med & Lrg base Blast Keys and Melee Gauge plus 3x30mm, 3x40mm & 3x50mm Proxy Bases

Proxy Base Tray – 2x 120mm Proxy Bases with Front Left and Right Arcs Marked. 4x 30mm 3x 40mm & 3x 50mm Proxy bases with 180 degree marking. 120mm and 30/40/50mm Keys for accurate replacing of proxy base with real model. 3d Flag and Dry Wipe SR2021 Objective Marker.

Utility Tray – 1″-10″ Measuring Sticks, 3x 30mm 2x 40mm & 2x 50mm Proxy bases with 180 degree marking 30/40/50mm Key for accurate replacing of proxy base with real model. 3d Flag and Dry Wipe SR2021 Objective Marker. Score Tracker with Turn Counter.

Measuring Stick Tray – 1″-14″ Measuring Sticks

Tray Lid – Single Sheet Acrylic lid with Monstrous Makings Logo etched in. Blank Lid and Custom Etching are also available. Please Inquire before purchasing if you would like custom etching.

Wax colouring has been applied to the markings and numbers for photography purposes, the product you will receive will be a single colour of acrylic with no additonal colouring.

All trays and components will come assembled and with magnets fixed for the parts that need them. The acrylic will also come with the masking still in place that can be used as a paint mask for colouring in the numbers and markings. This should then be peeled off to reveal the full colour of the acrylic. Wax crayons can also be used to colour the markings as shown in the product photos.

Due to limited storage space for acrylic some of the colours need to be ordered in once product has been ordered. This is via next day shipping and usually doesn’t impact our estimated dispatch times but there is always the chance of a delay. If you have a specific need for your trays by a particular date then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will advise you on the lead time of particular colours etc.

Additional information

Tray Variant

Spray and Blast, Proxy Base, Utility, Measuring Stick


Opaque Red, Opaque Blue, Opaque Yellow, Opaque Green, Opaque Black, Opaque Orange, Opaque Pink, Opaque White, Opaque Purple, Flourescent Red, Flourescent Orange, Flourescent Yellow, Flourescent Green, Flourescent Blue, Clear


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