Thyra Blood Priestess of Duum


One 3d printed Thyra Blood Priestess of Duum model from the Artisan Guild Collection.

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One 3d printed Thyra Blood Priestess of Duum model from the Artisan Guild Collection. Printed at their native scale of 32mm on a 30mm base

“With every drop of blood spilled, we offer tribute to Duum, fueling our relentless pursuit of victory.” Thyra, Blood Priestess of Duum.

In the Dwarven pantheon, numerous Lords are venerated, and though some are believed to be dormant, the dwarves understand that the only way to ensure their future return and receive their favor, albeit not as potent as when the Lords walked Mundus, is to continue venerating them.

Among the ancient Lords of Mundus revered by the dwarves and their heralds, stands Duum, a controversial deity.

Duum reigns as the lord of blood and war, yet serves as a patron whom the dwarves invoke in times of great conflict.

Berserkers, in particular, take pride in being vessels through which Duum’s rage can empower them to achieve feats beyond mortal capability. Whether it is true magic or the power of the mind at work, none can say, but Duum’s name is often invoked on the battlefield.

Thyra, the enigmatic Blood Priestess of Duum, channels her deity’s fury through mystical chants and bloody rituals, inspiring the berserkers to greater acts of strength and courage in battle.

Believing Tarum to be the prophesized child of Duum, and the first one to be of dwarven race, Thyra’s faith in her cause is unshakeable.

Though Duum’s priestesses are viewed with skepticism by dwarven society, in times of great need and war, prejudices are set aside as Duum’s favor is sought before embarking on seemingly hopeless battles.

3d printed in a blend of resins to produce the best detail but also offer shock resistance.

Models are printed at a 50 micron layer height for a high detail to cost ratio.

This company is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Artisan Guild models, obtained through the Artisan Guild Patreon, Shop or ?AMAZONS!? Kickstarter. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at: ), or at MyMiniFactory (at:

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