The ‘Anything’ Tracker


Acrylic Laser-Cut The ‘Anything’ Tracker.

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Acrylic Laser-Cut The ‘Anything’ Tracker.

Easily track your character’s health, spell slots, consumables or anything else. Use the 10 0-9 numbered dials to track anything you desire. The face of the Anything Tracker is white gloss acrylic so can be written on with dry wipe pens or for a more permanent (but still cleanable) option try Sharpies. In the example images I have setup the Anything Tracker for my Warlock character Eilish to track his HP, Temorary HP, Spell Slots, and charges on his Magic Item.

The acrylic comes with a protective mask that keeps it shiny during transport, this can also be used as a paint mask to quickly spray the components to bring out the details. The example pieces in the photos were sprayed with white spray paint over the masking, which was then peeled away to reveal the details.

Due to limited storage space for acrylic some of the colours need to be ordered in once product has been ordered. This is via next day shipping and usually doesn’t impact our estimated dispatch times but there is always the chance of a delay. If you have a specific need for your order by a particular date then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will advise you on the lead time of particular colours etc.

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