Paint Brush Tray


3D printed versatile hobby case accessories designed by 3Five Design

Earn up to 4 Gremlins.
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3D printed paint brush tray for the hobby cases designed by 3Five Design.

Choose your colour from the drop down menu.

Capable of holding 8 paintbrushes, with up to a handle diameter of 8mm, in a easy to access tray with plenty of room to keep the protective covers on your brushes to avoid damaging the bristles.

The Warganizer 2.0 can be used to carry hobby supplies as well as game miniatures, cards and accessories for many of your favourite games. More trays are being added to the webstore as they are released but if there is a game system or custom tray you would like then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

There are a total of 11 slots in the Warganizer 2.0 with space in the ‘ceiling’ for 1 more slots worth of height. Accessories will tell you in the listing how many slots they take up so you can accurately plan the internals of your Warganizer 2.0.

The Paint Brush tray uses 1 slot of the Warganizer 2.0

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Weight0.8 kg

Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange


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