Kill Team Widget Tray Set


Acrylic Laser-Cut Widget Tray for Kill Team.

Purchase & earn 32 Gremlins!


Acrylic Laser-Cut Widget Tray for Kill Team. 20cm x 15cm size to fit inside your Kill Team storage case.

Remastered for a New Tray size and cheaper materials, resulting in a reduction in the price to you.

Included in the set are:

Tray Stack Lid: Complete with our lovely mascot Brian attempting to sneak into a Kill Team. Other Logos can be cut in place of this, please get in touch to discuss alternative artwork.

Widget Tray: 6 Objective Markers, 2 Barricades, 1 Measuring Tool (All in One), 1 CP and VP Counter, 1 Player Initiative Marker

Token Tray: 18 Double Sided Conceal and 18 Double Sided Engage Tokens, 6 Double Sided +1 or -1 AP Tokens, 14 Double Sided Injured or Other Condition Tokens, 8 Tac Ops Tokens & 7 Wound Dials with 7 ‘Teens’ Markers to track damage over 10.

Components are supplied unpainted but with masking still in place to allow you to paint the black onto your tokens and then peel the masking to reveal the orange.

All trays and components will come assembled and with magnets fixed for the parts that need them.

Due to limited storage space for acrylic some of the colours need to be ordered in once product has been ordered. This is via next day shipping and usually doesn’t impact our estimated dispatch times but there is always the chance of a delay. If you have a specific need for your trays by a particular date then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will advise you on the lead time of particular colours etc.

Additional information

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Unpainted, Pre-Painted


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