Castle Ramparts and Dungeon Keep


Build a castle worthy of a Lord.

Earn up to 51 Gremlins.


Build a castle worthy of a Lord.

The Keep is a combination of 3d printed parts and hard plastic spools used in the 3d printing process. It is a fantastic way of recycling waste plastic to create large buildings for wargaming without using vast amounts of filament or print time.

The Keep is available in multiple configurations. You can buy each layer individually to create a personalised castle or buy the bundle. Use the Rope Ladder, Wooden Stairs and Rope Bridge Accessories to link multiple towers together and create whole castle.

The Dungeon layer contains 6 cells with openable doors. Each will hold a miniature on a 25mm base. The Tower layer includes 2 shells that form the main bulk of any Tower Keep, use multiples of this layer to increase the height of your Keep. The Ramparts cap off the Keep with a crenalated layer and a commanding view over the surrounding lands.

You will receive a set of PLA printed parts custom sized to the particular spool In the package and tested to ensure a good fit with the empty spool. You will need to use Cyanoacrylate (Super) Glue to assemble the PLA printed parts onto the plastic spool. Once undercoated with a primer both the spool and the PLA take acrylic paint very well.

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Keep Bundle, Dungeon Layer, Tower Layer, Ramparts


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