Fractured Hexadome Arena


A complete Hexadome Arena for the game Aristeia!

Purchase & earn 60 Gremlins!


A complete Hexadome Arena for the game Aristeia!

Featuring a fractured ground texture on the surface of the hexes. Looks great with a little extra foliage and grit applied as can be seen in the photos.

Printed in 7 sections that can be magentised together for ease of storage and assembly the Hexadome Arena feature raised scoring areas for ease of identification each with it’s number or letter engraved into the surface. The underside of each hex features a slot for a magnets to enable you to magentize your obstacles so they don’t move around during play.

3d printed in black PLA on an Ender3 FDM printer.

Flock and basing material are not supplied.


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