Crater from Bulldozer Terrain

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Crater from Bulldozer Terrain. Featuring removable crater edge so models can be placed flat when entering the terrain area.

Printed in PLA at a 200 micron (or 0.2mm) layer height, they are built to be robust and easy to store without worrying about them breaking. PLA is great for durable terrain but it does sacrafice detail a little compared to resin. There will be visible layers lines on the prints when they arrive and if you want a pristine finish then you will need to sand or fill those layer lines. For the pieces in the images we have sprayed them with a filler primer then gone over that with a grey primer showing you a relatively simple way to make the prints look good without too much effort.

Product supplied unpainted.

The whole Bulldozer Terrain range is designed with simple supportless printing in mind and a durable, budget friendly terrain set for your Wargaming needs. Designed with Warmachine in mind, many of the pieces will represent specific terrain categories from the rule book and where a size is stipulated for that terrain piece, the Bulldozer Terrain item will match that size.

For area terrain pieces please consider adding on our Scenery Zones to denote the area of the terrain on the battlefield.


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