Adventurer’s Pack


One Laser Cut MDF Adventurer’s Pack

Earn up to 17 Gremlins.
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One Laser Cut MDF Adventurer’s Pack for storing your Spell and Equipment Cards along with all your dice.

Supplied unassembled, you can find our assembly guide here.

Built from a combination of 2mm and 3mm Laser Cut MDF, the Adventurer’s Pack will hold the official D&D Spell and Magic Item Cards (including extra space in case you have your cards in protective sleeves) in the main section, and at least 2 full 7-pieces polyhedral dice sets in the bedroll section at the top. Allowing you to keep everything organised during session and safely stored away between sessions.

There are several different ‘Skins’ available to represent many of the Adventuring Packs your character can aquire at the start of their career and during their campaigns. Some of these skins have additional optional components that can be glued on if you choose to do so.

The MDF frames will show some scorching from the laser process and this can add to a worn and dirty appearance for your Adventurer’s Pack. If you would like to have a more pristine Pack then you can sand the surface before assembly with 180 grit sand paper as shown in our intructional video. In the product images, the Explorer’s, Scholar’s and Dungeoneer’s pack have all been sanded to give a more pristine finish. The others have no post processing and appear as they would straight out of the packaging.

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Explorer's Pack, Dungeoneer's Pack, Burglar's Pack, Scholar's Pack, Priest's Pack, Entertainer's Pack


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