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New Commercial License – Txarli Bases

We are pleased to announce a new commercial license for some fantasticly detailed wargaming bases.

While the Kickstarter for these files delivered some time ago I’ve been so busy I’d not had a chance to start listing them. I also wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. Today I managed to carve out some time to get started.

These wargaming base stls are very versatile and I have decided to offer them in 3 different options. All of the option come with the texture printed in resin for the highest detail level and they are all printed in 2 parts to allow ease of printing.

The first option is for the underlying base to be printed in the same resin as the textured topper, this gives a nice smooth finish to the base rim but is a little more expensive than the other options.

Secondly you can combine your chosen topper texture with an FDM plastic printed base for a cheaper and slightly more rugged option.

Lastly you can buy just the toppers if you are using the bases with your existing bases like from Games Workshop sets.

Eventually the toppers will be available as Round Lipped bases inserts for popular games like Warmachine and Hordes but I will be getting the bevelled edged bases listed first.

Its a bit of a long labourious process pricing, doing images and listing the base sets so I will be publishing a few sets each day until all 20 sets are released. Currently available are the Volcanic, Factory, WWII and Crystal sets.

With many more sets to come over the next week.

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