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Hefesto Bust & Epic Boss – I Stand with La Palma

I STAND WITH LA PALMA is not your typical 3D printable figurine campaign. It is a fundraiser to help the evacuees whose home was destroyed by the volcano. 50% of the profits from any sale of a Hefesto printed model will go the the relief efforts in La Palma.

Hello, 3D printing enthusiasts, painters and gamers!

I’m Andrea, founder, art director and sculptor at Artisan Guild.

Most of you know us from the epic 3D printable fantasy characters we make every month for my Patreon and MyMiniFactory store.

As you may know, the volcano in the centre of the island of La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain), where Artisan Guild is located, erupted violently causing incalculable damage.

The numerous fissures of the volcano, well visible from the studio, are about 8 km away from us.

The lava is going in the opposite direction from our location, but has left more than 6000 people homeless. It has also destroyed between 300 and 400 farms, and unfortunately these numbers are increasing rapidly.

As in the Throne of Ash universe I am writing, we are witnessing ash showers and continuous explosions from the volcano throughout the day, with new fissures opening up every few hours.

This time, in the real world, there is no Tyrant God unleashing hell on the mortal realm, but a powerful wave of solidarity and love.

We want to do our part for this island that has given us so much. But we think together we can do so much more. For the first time, we ask for the help of this lovely community.

If you have a 3D printer of your own and want to support this fantastic cause then head over to My Mini Factory on the link below to pledge and help those affected by this disaster.

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