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Golemmar Gnomes

The Gnomes of the depths, also known as Golemmar Gnomes, are an ingenious and mysterious race of small humanoids highly akin to magic, passionate about precious stones, minerals and gems.
Gnomes are said to be distant cousins ​​of the Dwarves, albeit thinner and even smaller in size.

Centuries of research and studies dedicated to the use of Arcane energy to improve their underground life, have led the Gnomes of Golemmar to a very advanced technological development, giving life to numerous artifacts designed to give energy to their underground cities, extract the most precious minerals, and finally defend against the most aggressive creatures of the depths.

The Golems, massive creatures employed to defend the city of Golemmar, were invented by this cunning race and took their name from the capital; but recently, souled Golems called Simulacra, have rebelled and fled to the deserts of Denmora.

Today, many families of Deep Gnomes live in cities such as Eldanar on the outskirts of the war with the Slathaai, who after enslaving several underground villages, aim to conquer the glorious city of Golemmar, ruled by King Gilgamesh and the Queen Ishtara.

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