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Deeproot Lurikeen

Born of wild spirit and the whisper of leaves, the Lurikeen are the pure-hearted shortfolk of the forest, their essence deeply rooted in the heart of the Forest of Arba.

Under the colossal canopy of Yaldain, the great Tree of Life, lies their secret sanctuary, Deeproot – a mystical wood cradled by the towering roots that arc across the forest floor.

Here, alongside the Arverians, they serve Feythornaax, the supreme guardian of this sacred realm.

Like eternal children of the woods, the Lurikeen traverse the lands of Mundus with adventurous spirits, poised to unveil the profound secrets hidden within.

Gifted with fey heritage, the Lurikeen possess the mystical ability to vanish into thin air, a trait so elusive that some believe they are merely the stuff of legend. 

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