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Community Call for Help

I find myself in need of help from our awesome Dungeons and Dragons Community in creating some pre-gen Characters that I can use to make sure I can always include anyone at my table when Nerdy re-opens. I would normally try and do this myself but I’m finding little free time to work on these so I am asking the community for aid.

What I Need:

10-15 Pre-Gen Character PDFs. Each character needs to be level from Level 1-20 with a PDF cheets for each level.

What I am offering for your help:

Each completed Character will gain you a £10 voucher for this website.

If you are interested in helping me out with this endeavor then please keep reading, otherwise thank you for stopping by and reading this far.

The Details:

Firstly the Characters should be based upon one of the models featured in one of the following categories (so that I can provide the player with a fully painted miniature for the game)

Next please get in touch with your model choice and intention to create a character, this is to ensure there is enough variety in the characters that you create. If too many other people have already created a character based upon that model then I will ask you to select another one, please also include the model’s name or description on the character sheet. I’ll also provide details on where to send the completed character sheets.

Characters will primarily be played in an Eberron/Arcana Punk setting and that should be taken into account, things like prosthetic limbs are readily available and can be utilised at any level. Firearms are also present in the setting (counting at martial ranged weapons) and the following table provides details of all the available weapons. I wont be policing equipment but please make your best effort to keep equipment level relevent to character level.

Any character class and subclass from an officially published Wizards of the Coast D&D book is acceptable.

Magic Items and Other Equipment: Using a slightly modified version of the DMGs Starting Equipment Table on page 38 Characters will receive the following starting gold, equipment and magic items.

Character Level
1st-4thNormal Starting Equipment
5th-10thNormal Starting Equipment, 500 plus 1d0x25gp, 3 Uncommon and 1 Rare Magic Items
11th-16thNormal Starting Equipment, 5,000 plus 1d0x250gp, 6 Uncommon and 2 Rare Magic Items
17th-20thNormal Starting Equipment, 20,000 plus 1d0x250gp, 9 Uncommon, 2 Rare and 1 Very Rare Magic Items
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