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Advent Calendar Update

I wanted to sit down and give everyone an update on the state of the Advent Calendars and what’s happening at Monstrous Makings over the next week or so.

The great news is the last component for the Advent Calendars is on its way, literally as I sat down to write this I got the shipping notification from the UK warehouse. So regardless of the rest of this post the Advent Calendar production will continue and is on schedule to start dispatch during the first week of November.

Over the last few months my family’s health and the state of our house has been on the decline, and as such I am going to be taking a week off, to attempt to reset and do some much needed work around the house. The website will still be open for orders but nothing (with the exception of Advent Calendars) will be processed until Monday 8th November. With any luck that’ll be all it needs to get me reset and back to peak working form.

If you have a current order in on the website it will be completed my break, in fact they are all printed they just need packing up.

Thank you all for all your continued support.


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Something big has just arrived…

A big stepping stone in the production capacity of Monstrous Makings has been reached with the arrival of the Elegoo Saturn. Pre-Ordered in the first batch available, on the 6th June, I managed to score one of the rare Early Birds and then the waiting game was on. Elegoo had their fair share of troubles with the fulfilment but they kept us up to date with how things were going and I patiently waited for the dispatch notice.

And here is Knuckles

My printer left the Elegoo factory on 28th August and a tense few weeks went by as I waited for it to arrive at the local warehouse, then on Tuesday I got the email saying it had been booked with the local courier for delivery and it arrived this morning.

The SLA lineup, Knuckles, Shadow, Sonic and Tails

I got too excited to do any kind of unboxing so I got straight onto setup and printing. The setup guide was straight forward and after making sure I could get the lid off the printer where is was going I cracked on with levelling. The process was very straight forward and in less than 15 mins I was loading up the first print. I always test each new printer with the same model, Hildara Bloodrage, she’s short and sliced at 50 microns, making for a fast print, and packed with detail. It also gives me a nice comparison with each new printer.

Hildara just hanging out

2:45 later and she’s all finished and ready for cleanup. Here are some shots of her with the supports on after a wash, supports removed (but no other post processing), and a light coat of Army Painter Grey Primer (still no other post processing)

First impressions are very good, with very little noticable layer lines and the larger build plate triples the capacity of the Sonic Mini next to it. I’m a very happy troll right now.

So to celebrate I will be offering a 20% discount on all SLA printed products. The discount will be automatically applied to each applicable product.

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Orcs Remastered

Artisan Guild have continued revisiting their older releases to bring them up the spec with the newer one.

This time it was the Orc Barbarians that got a makeover. There are 2 extra bodies for the Modular Orc and Greatweapon Orcs along with many extra modular weapons. Throgar also gets his chance to ride Gorefang and the new Orc Warshrine is the perfect centre piece to your Orc encampment. The heroes also get modular ball joints so they can be equiped with a variety of other weapons too.

This company is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Artisan Guild models, obtained through the Artisan Guild Patreon, Shop or ?AMAZONS!? Kickstarter. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at: ), or at MyMiniFactory (at:
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Monstrous Makings in May

Arcane Minis – Skies of Sordane

The Skies of Sordane Kickstarter has started to deliver some files. We kick off with the Beautiful Arcane Dragon and the Forged Warrior Artificer. More files will be delivered over the next month including the Carren Pirates core bundle so keep your eyes peeled for more releases from this wonderful fantasy realm.

Artisan Guild

We’ve also seen a number of past Artisan Guild release make it onto the webstore along with the stunning Oni Clan from the May release. Only a few epic bosses and Amazons release left to go before we are all caught up.

Oni Clan


Fighters Guild

Soulless Vampires