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Big Changes Incoming

With some big changes in my personal and professional life coming up I am finding myself with a little bit more time to put towards Monstrous Makings and the range I can offer will be expanding from here on.

What started as a by product of converting lots of things for my old Space Orks army for Warhammer 40k has now evolved. I have since moved onto to 3d design and printing via an outside contractor to produce conversion parts for my latest projects.

Last week I bought an Anycubic Photon 3d Printer and I have been testing it out on some personal projects but with that done I can now move the production of my 3d printed items ‘in house’. This means I am more in control and I don’t need to find the money up front to re-stock each item. Meaning I can now offer a Sale on all of my 3d printed items.

So 20% off the following:

Go to the Shop

I would also like to take the chance to announce the release of my latest 3d printed product.

The AI Motorcycle

Click the picture to check out my latest release.

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