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Arcane Dragon – Skies of Sordane

I couldn’t resist printing myself an Arcane Dragon from the Skies of Sordane range. Mainly to see just how big he is, and he didn’t disappoint. Shown here with the sample Cin’dar Navy Forged Warrior Artificer on 25mm base, also from Skies of Sordane.

All printed on the Phrozen Sonic Mini printer. Total print time of 28hrs.

Standing an impressive 370mm high he is sure to impart dread on all those who encounter him. It’s a fantastic first offering from Arcane Minis from their SKies of Sordane Kickstarter and I can’t wait for the rest.

and a rear shot of the magnificent beast.

This kit is not for the beginner though, there is some sanding to do get get all the parts to fit perfectly together and there will be a degree of filling involved but that is the same with any large resin kit, whether cast or 3d printed.

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