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Advent Calendar Update

I wanted to sit down and give everyone an update on the state of the Advent Calendars and what’s happening at Monstrous Makings over the next week or so.

The great news is the last component for the Advent Calendars is on its way, literally as I sat down to write this I got the shipping notification from the UK warehouse. So regardless of the rest of this post the Advent Calendar production will continue and is on schedule to start dispatch during the first week of November.

Over the last few months my family’s health and the state of our house has been on the decline, and as such I am going to be taking a week off, to attempt to reset and do some much needed work around the house. The website will still be open for orders but nothing (with the exception of Advent Calendars) will be processed until Monday 8th November. With any luck that’ll be all it needs to get me reset and back to peak working form.

If you have a current order in on the website it will be completed my break, in fact they are all printed they just need packing up.

Thank you all for all your continued support.


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  1. Hope you, your family and your house will be okay, take it easy.

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